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A complete English Medium School

We are the School of Thought. We welcome you and your child on this journey towards 'thoughtful' education, as we shape and nurture the way our young generation thinks. Our initiatives are designed to teach our students how to think and not what to think.

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We aim to instill in every learner the spirit of free-thinking

At Maa Sharde Public School we believe that each of our students’ unique thoughts deserves a place to prosper. We envision a classroom that goes beyond itself and creates an environment where children are encouraged to think, create and conquer their dreams


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Powered by neuroscience-based learning, our academic delivery is interdisciplinary, theme-based, and highly engaging to ensure active participation and learning at every stage. Neuroscience-based Learning, equipped with the right teaching strategy, enables every learner to absorb, think, create, and share knowledge.

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Our students learn in an ecosystem that inspires ideas and unleashes their creativity. With an all-inclusive approach to academic, physical, and mental growth, we aim to maximise their potential. Our well-equipped spaces with experienced educators offer a conducive environment to engage, inspire and stimulate students.

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We strongly believe in extending learning experiences outside the classroom for the 360-degree development of our students. Multiple initiatives empower our students to move seamlessly from inspiration and exploration to immersion and skill-building, to goal-setting and transition and skills in new-age sports and performing arts.